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Dispenser Coil

Accessories for printers Mk1500, Mk2600: the Dispenser coil with pipe

A number of clients to print to a printer cable, use PVC pipe and shrink tube to reel. Because power printer printer mechanism is not sufficient for unwinding the reel with hose, reel to reel off the ball during the printing process, in order to avoid problems such as the distortion of the printed information, incorrect definition of the length of the marker. As a solution, developed a convenient dispenser coil.

Profiles of decoiler  ( Model : MS-TH26B )

• Housing material: plastic
• Dimensions: 200 x 28 mm
• Diameter : 38.1 mm (1 1/2")
• Weight: 215 g


The appearance of decoiler coil


In the work of the                                                    View from the top                                                     Bottom view

Printer M1 dispenser coils and coil with PVC pipe.      Dispenser coil, top view.                                                Dispenser coil, bottom view. Rubber feet keep the dispenser from slipping.